Debbie and I, and several of our chapter members, along with another 1000 – 1500 bikers from the Bandidos and all the motorcycle clubs of Texas and the neighboring states attended the memorial service for Bandido Stonecold today.  The service was held at Becks Funeral Home in Pflugerville, and though there wasn’t room for everyone inside the chapel, their sound system broadcast the service to all the rooms and outside to the crowd. Fortunately Becks did have sufficient overflow parking for the huge number of cars and bikes that came.  The service itself was great. It was so encouraging to hear all the testimonies about James.  They finished off the service by playing several short video clips of his life. He will be missed, and all our prayers go out to his wife Christina and their families.

After the service, I went in and took photos of all the beautiful flower arraignments, while many of those attending headed out to the Roadhouse in Round Rock for a celebration of James’ life.