Our New Life Riders officers meeting was this evening, and coincidentally we got some rain, lots of rain.  The meeting was out at the Potters in Lago Vista, so Debbie and I drove out through the torrents.  Well, Debbie drove actually, I enjoyed the ride as the passenger.  As you can se from the first couple of pics, we had a great dinner. Pork Chops off Don’s BBQ grill, and fresh cooked carrots and new potatoes. Oh, and I mustn’t forget the large Jalapeños that Don grilled too.  I had one, or at least part of one before my fire level got too high and I had to give it to someone else. The meeting itself was relatively uneventful, and afterwords we chatted for a while then started to head home. Only problem was Louis’ bike decided that this was the time to have a dead battery. So, we fooled around with it in the garage for a while, checking for loose connectors but no luck. Turns out the battery was bad, so Don jump started it from his bike and Louis headed home.  We left shortly after that, and I got the fun of driving in the rain, but at least it wasn’t as heavy as when we were headed out to Lago Vista.  I hope you enjoy the pics,