Marine Corps 245th Birthday Celebration at The Post Tavern in Cedar Park

This evening Debbie and I went to the Marine Birthday party celebrating 245 years of the Marine Corps. We arrived fashionably late, but in time for the ceremony, which was very well done. It included several inspirational readings and music, including Taps, the National Anthem and the Marine Corps Anthem. It was wonderful! We got to say hello to a few friends, and the Leathernecks MC served cake and BBQ plates. Couldn’t have asked for more. I hope the photos are to your liking. They asked me to take a group photo, which I did, but by then the light was all but gone, so it’s not too bad, but I wish it was better. Oh, and I apologize to those couple of people I cut off on the left of the group shot. My lens just wasn’t wide enough. Enjoy!

COC&I Chili Cook-off

We had the annual COC&I chili cook-off today out at Time Out Sports Bar in Liberty Hill. It was an outdoor event, and was well attended. Everyone brought masks of course, but with the wonderful weather and brisk breeze, there were few health concerns. I did see a fair number of people wearing masks. Everyone attending this free event was given the opportunity to try over 20 chili styles, so it was quite a competition. I usually asked for a small portion in a tasting cup, but at least one crew handed me a full bowl of chili. Fortunately it was very good, so i chowed down and finished it easily. I did of course share with Debbie, at least most of the time. One of our newer chapter members (Kevin) joined us and got to meet lots of our friends and taste as many of the chilis as he could. After the tasting finished, we had the COC&I meeting, and heard from our legislative warriors about up-coming bills, and about the January 25th legislative day where we all go down to the capital to talk with your legislators. Apparently there are going to be a lot of changes from two years ago when we had the last one of these, but I’m sure it will be an interesting day to say the least. At the end of the meeting, the trophies were handed out for the chili-cook-off winners. The photos are in reverse winner order, third, second, first, and then peoples choice, so you can look at the photos to see who won. Then we had the raffle give-aways, finishing with drawing of the HOBO (Help Our Brothers Out) 100th anniversary Harley Davidson Road King winner. Turns out he was at the event, but went home. When we called him, he came right back and I was able to get his photo with the bike. Another wonderful event for the motorcycle riding community.

Tornados MC 20th Anniversary Party

Debbie and I attended the Tornados MC 20th Anniversary Party today. We saw paul and Robin from our New Life Riders CMA chapter heading out as we were arriving. They had more stops to make. After we got inside, It was good to see and talk with friends and enjoy good food. 20 years is a long time for a Motorcycle Club to be around and Tornados MC is definitely a good one. Congratulations Tornados, on your 20 year milestone.

New Life Riders Bug Run 2020 at CTHD

Note: I know it has been a while since I posted anything, but at least for the moment I am back!

We had the annual Bug Run today starting at CTHD (Central Texas Harley Davidson). There was already an event going on, so we were allowed to kind of slip in with the other vendors. The goal of the Bug Run is to raise money for the single CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) annual fund raiser called Run For The Son. the money raised by Run For The Son is used by CMA to support four evangelistic charities around the world. But rather than describing them, here is a link to a PDF that gives you all the details.

This year the Bug Run went off without a hitch. Our chapter planned big, so we were able to provide burgers, hot dogs, chips soda or water and cookies to everyone that came to our booth. And, we did have a lot of people visit and we appreciated all the donations they brought. I think we raised between $500 and $1000 this year, due in no small part to the generous donations from several of the local motorcycle clubs. All donations of any size are appreciated of course. The weather was spectacular, starting off cool and only pushing into the 90s in the afternoon. It was a truly beautiful day. We had the President of the local Companeros MC come by and though he said he wouldn’t be able to actually participate in the run today, he thought they deserved a special mention because of a “run in” they had with a large swarm of I believe it was butterflies. I agreed, and we have a photo below to prove it. The winners this year were part of a group new to me called the Wind Therapy Freedom Riders, or WTFrs for short. I am thinking that might be a play on words, but I’m not saying anything. Ok, so without any further delay, here are the photos, and I hope you enjoy them.

UCOA Meeting for March at Willie’s Joint in Buda

Now that I have retired from my role as Chaplain of UCOA, everyone is asking me how my retirement is going. Truth be told, it hasn’t really started yet, since we now need to focus on getting our Wells Branch home ready to sell, which has only barely begun. That turns out to be a benefit though in this circumstance, because I had free time to go to the UCOA meeting today down at Willies Joint, and since I’m not on the board any longer, I decided to bring the “big” camera and take some up close and personal photos of my friends. Now I have to mention that these are all unposed, so some of the facial expressions might be less than ideal, but I think they are pretty good, so I hope you enjoy them. Oh, and special apologies to Sintax, he shows up in most of them 🙂