UCOA Meeting for February out at Earnie’s on the Lake


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We had our first UCOA meeting this year, and to change things up a bit, it was held out at Earnie’s on the Lake. It was certainly a great place for a party, or a meeting. Plenty of parking, and lots of room. Several events were mentioned, so be sure to check out the calendar at; http://www.ucotexas.org/index.php/calendar. As Debbie and I were heading out we encountered Bandido Smokey just arriving, with a couple of fellows. Seem his friend had recently lost a son to a motorcycle accident and he (the father) was asked to come to Washington to speak to President Trump about it. If you look close at the last photo, you will see a White House Presidential Seal napkin he brought back for Smokey.

Hard Times – Chaplains Moment for UCOA – February 12th

This past week has been hard for many of us. With the sudden passing of Dan Jeffries, we have lost one of our most passionate voices for freedom. I can’t say I knew him well, we had met only a few times, but I have certainly witnessed the outpouring of shared photos and sadness on Facebook that followed the announcement of his loss. Dan was clearly loved by many of you, and he will be terribly missed.

Dan wore a cross on his vest, and I don’t think he ever put anything on his colors that he didn’t agree with. We can take comfort in knowing that when we place out trust in Jesus, He holds us within His hand. There is no more secure place than in the hand of God.

My prayers go out to his family, his club and all his friends. May God give you comfort and peace through this difficult time.

These are indeed troubling times we live in. Protesters, rioters, and harsh words on Twitter. It seems like our country is being torn apart from within. Whatever side you happen to be on, this is a time to take stock of everything and everyone around you. Will life get better, or will it get worse. Will I have a job tomorrow, or will I get laid off. Questions, so many questions.

We have said in the past that we are on the side of right and justice, and we have said that God is on our side. These words are true, but to obtain real peace, we need to trust God and trust that He has everything under His control. To do that we only need look to Him for our leading and we can be sure we are going the right way. So let us keep moving forward, and keep trusting in the One that won’t let us down. That is what I am doing, how about you?

Photo attribution: Copied from Dan’s Facebook page, photographer unknown.

HOBO Swap and Benefit in Nolanville


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We had the Help Our Brother Out swap meet and benefit today up at the Pit Stop in Nolanville. We didn’t have the best weather, but we still got quite a few people out for this event. The food was a pulled pork plate, which was very good, and music was provided by a band called Tenth Leper. They certainly provided some good tunes. All in all, it was a good day. Especially after Debbie bought me an extra long sleeve shirt to help keep me warm. Oh, and on the way out, Debbie saw a Longhorn steer next door and had to take it’s picture. It was very cooperative, and stayed on it’s side of the fence.