Austin Bandidos MC 49th Anniversary Party at The Goal Post

Debbie and I returned from Bartlett for the Austin Bandidos 49th Anniversary party at the Goal Post in Round Rock. We arrived about an hour after it started, and apparently everyone else go there on time, cause the place was packed. There was food, and vendors, and music of course. Lots of socializing, including clubs and some independents as well. Definitely a great party.


Clubs For Kids Toy and Food Delivery

Today was the special day when all the bike clubs get together that are part of Clubs For Kids, and we deliver Toys and food baskets to the families that would otherwise not get Christmas. We all arrived at the Come And take It club in Austin to pick up the food baskets for our families. This is such a great annual event and it is building more community support very year. Here are some photos of our pickup and deliver.

Texas Baptists Childrens Home Toy Run



Today we attended the Toy Run delivering toys to the Texas Baptists Childrens Home in Round Rock. It was a bit cooler this week that last week at the Helping Hands Home, but we still have great attendance, and lots of toys. It all starts at The Roadhouse Bar and Grill in Round Rock, and then heads over to TBCH around 1pm. We first stopped to deliver our toy to the delivery truck at the Roadhouse and take some preliminary photos, then we headed over to TBCH to capture the video of the bikes arriving. First up here, is my photos, and the video should be added shortly.

Helping Hands Home Toy Run



Today we had the toy run to Helping Hands Home. We had beautiful weather, so naturally that means we had LOTS of bikes. The run started at Texas Mist down by the airport, and unfortunately there is a lot of construction going on down there right now, so everyone was encouraged to use caution. Apparently everything went fairly well, as I only heard of one broken bike being hauled away in a truck. I did not hear of any injuries. I was told that there were about 450 bikes in the police escorted drive to the home. I saw three police motorcycles, and about half a dozen police cars controlling traffic. Thank you police officers for your valuable work. On arriving, i shot about 30 minutes of video of the bikes flowing in, so from my perspective this was the largest turnout I have ever seen.

First up are the photos that Debbie and I took, and later I will add links to this post for the videos we shot (At the moment they are being uploaded to Facebook).

I hope you enjoy the photos and video, it was quite an event!!