UCOA Meeting for June at the Veteran’s Collective

Debbie and I headed over to the Veteran’s Collective after church today to the monthly UCOA meeting. We were thankful that it wasn’t raining today, and though it was a bit warm, it wasn’t sweltering. We arrived early enough to walk around and say hello to many of our friends, and to purchase a couple of raffle tickets for a fund raiser to benefit Clubs For Kids (our Christmas charity for needy families). Soon enough the meeting started, and we got to hear from our officers and clubs that had or were having events. There was nothing particularly unusual about this meeting, except for two things. First, it was the shortest meeting we’ve had, at about 20 minutes. Second, after the meeting, someone walked up to me as Debbie and I were standing around talking, and they told me I won first place. I said what? Apparently the raffle was drawn, and I won 1000 rounds of 223 ammunition. Now, I don’t have any guns, let alone one that takes a 223 round, but before you all start calling me to get some, I should let you know that I had them sell it off. So, I don’t have it anymore. It definitely made for an interesting meeting.

COC&I Meeting at the Lucky Penny in Jarrell

We headed over to the Lucky Penny in Jarrell around noon for the quarterly COC&I Meeting. The weather wasn’t cooperating, so we had quite a bit of rain on the way there and back. Debbie and I took the car of course, but there were a few rugged individuals that rode their bikes. The weather didn’t stop us from hanging out and talking to many of our friends that attended, and we heard from several speakers about our legislative goals for this year. Lots is happening, but rather than me try to tell you about that, I invite Clutch or any of the COC&I officers to comment on this post on Facebook with the details. I will stick with what I do better, and post a few photos. Enjoy!

Karibenos 5th Anniversary Party at the Goal Post

Debbie and I headed over to the Goal Post in Round Rock at lunch time today for the 5th Anniversary Party of Karibenos MC. It was well attended, and nice relaxed atmosphere. There was a Food Truck serving Burgers and Street Tacos for lunch. We had the Burger plates and they were very good burgers. Karibenos also had a live auction, and a dunk tank. as you will see Beth did a great job!

UCOA Meeting for May at the Veterans Collective

We had our monthly United Clubs of Austin (UCOA) meeting today at the Veteran’s Collective. The weather was truly beautiful and everyone came out. This was especially nice since yesterday it poured cats and dogs on the event down in Buda. Anyway, Bandido Fernando asked if I wouldn’t mind taking a group photo of us, and I was happy to oblige. Now there is a problem with taking a photograph of a large group of people, and as you will see it is tough to get everyone in the shot. So, in addition to the panorama, which has very limited detail, I am also publishing the individual photos that were merged together to create it. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and if you want to make a banner of the whole panorama, I will be happy to provide the full size image which has lots and lots of detail.

UCOA Egg Hunt at Bentwood Texas

It’s a bit late for easter, but we all got together for a party and egg hunt for our kids, out at Bentwood Texas Event Center. As you can see it was well attended, and everyone (especially the kids) had a great time. It was also a pot luck meal, and I can tell you the food was wonderful. Oh, and finally there was arm wrestling for those that felt up to it. Definitely a good time.