TMRA Membership Meeting for February

Don and Susan Potter reminded us of the TMRA (Texas Motorcycle Roadriders Association) general membership meeting Saturday, so we headed over to Ma’s Place Home Cooking in Kileen for the meeting. It was great to see our long time friends and have some good food at Ma’s Place. I think Debbie and I were the only non-officers that showed up, but hey we had a good time. Here are a couple of photos;

Clubs For Kids Christmas Delivery

This past Saturday Debbie and I headed over to the Veterans Collective with our New Life Riders CMA chapter to pick up the “Christmas” food basket and deliver it to help a family that would not otherwise be able to have Christmas this year. It was pretty wet this morning, but like the mail, we deliver regardless. I took a few photos, and some video so you can see how it all happened. The family was very grateful, and it was a joy to serve them.

Christmas food basket and toy delivery

ToyRunners Toy Delivery “FlyBy” to Texas Baptist Childrens Home

Since Debbie and I aren’t going to California to visit family this year (for obvious reasons), we headed over to the Veterans Collective to drop of our toy donations for the annual ToyRunnerz toy delivery to the Texas Baptist Childrens Home (TBCH). The weather was more than a bit spotty, switching from overcast, to drizzle to actual rain, until about 20 minutes before time for Kick Stands Up, then, Praise God, it cleared up a bit and everyone was able to head over to TBCH with a greater degree of safely. Fortunately there were several popup tents set up at Veteran’s Collective so everyone could stay out of the rain. We visited with friends for a while and then headed over to the home to watch and record the arrival of the bikes. After the parade we headed back to Veteran’s Collective for Fernando’s Christmas Party, complete with coloring pages for the kids, and a traditional ham and sides dinner. Of course there were also cookies that many brought, so we weren’t short any sweets. Later in the afternoon it got a bit windy, so as you will see from the photos, several people got to play tent pole while some of the tents were taken down. Fortunately, no tents or people were damaged, and everyone had a great time. See the video after the photos.

Here are two videos of the arrival of the bike parade “fly by” at Texas Baptist Childrens Home. Can you see yourself in the parade?

Mini-me and her lil Bestie enjoying the party!

Marine Corps 245th Birthday Celebration at The Post Tavern in Cedar Park

This evening Debbie and I went to the Marine Birthday party celebrating 245 years of the Marine Corps. We arrived fashionably late, but in time for the ceremony, which was very well done. It included several inspirational readings and music, including Taps, the National Anthem and the Marine Corps Anthem. It was wonderful! We got to say hello to a few friends, and the Leathernecks MC served cake and BBQ plates. Couldn’t have asked for more. I hope the photos are to your liking. They asked me to take a group photo, which I did, but by then the light was all but gone, so it’s not too bad, but I wish it was better. Oh, and I apologize to those couple of people I cut off on the left of the group shot. My lens just wasn’t wide enough. Enjoy!