Bulldawgz Basketball Bottled Water Fund Raiser



Debbie and I stopped for breakfast yesterday before church at the local jack in the Box. As we were leaving, she noticed a bunch of young people up at the corner intersection apparently selling bottles of water. So she said something like “Of course I have to go donate something”. I sat there in the car a bit and then realized this was a photo opportunity, so I got out, walked up and had everyone lineup so I could take this shot. They were raising money for their school basket ball team (they were the team) for an activity. Definitely worthy!

Sovereign Sons Food/School Supplies Drive at the Iron Horse Bar in Thorndale


Debbie and I drove out to Thorndale this afternoon to the SovereignSons Food/School Supplies Drive. It was HOT today, but that didn’t keep lots of clubs and chapters from driving out there and donating items for the benefit. We noticed that there were several backpacks among the supplies, and someone explained that when the drive started, years ago, they would put the food and supplies in a backpack, and then the kids that really needed the food didn’t have to look like they had just come from the grocery. They were just carrying a backpack like all the other kids. Sounds like a great idea to me. Next year we will bring our supplies in a backpack, instead of grocery bags.

Anyway, the music was good, and loud, the air conditioning was barely keeping up, but it was definitely cooler inside than outside, and they had raffles and cold drinks for the thirsty. As we were leaving, we saw they even had a food trailer outside. Next time we will try it out.

COC&I Meeting at Roadhouse



Well, it was a warm day, but not as hot as yesterday. So, Debbie and I road our bikes out to the Roadhouse for the July COC&I meeting. We had a little lighter attendance than usual, probably because of the heat, but we still got to hear from lots of good speakers. There is still lots of work to do in protecting our rights, specifically in the anti-profiling area where things seem to be heating up. So, always be civil, but if you encounter a restaurant that doesn’t want to serve you because of the vest or shirt you are wearing or because you rode up on a motorcycle, be ready to explain to them why you won’t be returning and neither will your friends.

As a chaplain, my words may sound too political, but Jesus stood against injustice, so though I do not advocate any form of violence, inĀ Matthew 21:12 “Jesus went into the temple complex and drove out all those buying and selling in the temple. He overturned the money changers’ tables and the chairs of those selling doves.” He was infuriated that the money changers were ripping off the people coming to the temple, and overcharging for pigeons that were used for sacrifices. Injustice plain and simple.

Ok, I will get off my soapbox now. Enjoy the photos;

Memorial for Humpin’ People Maniac


We went to the memorial service for Rod Selby (Humpin’ People Maniac) downtown in Austin. It was held at a very large church, which is a good thing because there were upwards of 500 people there from his club and lots of other clubs plus friends and relatives. I didn’t know Rod well, but his friends and pastors were certainly lively and on fire for Jesus. Great service!

I Arise Today – A Writing by St. Patrick



Introduction to St Patrick; On the Sunday near St Patrick’s Day this year we had a Bible Study lesson about St Patrick that I found very interesting. So, I ordered the book we used in the study, which is titled The Confession of Saint Patrick by John Skinner. The book contains three writings by St. Patrick, the last of which is called Patrick’s Lorica. A Lorica apparently means Body Armor, and we all know that armor is worn for protection. This Lorica is a series of short writings that I found very encouraging, and I thought I would share one with you. This is the sixth in a series of eight. I hope you enjoy it.

I Arise Today

with God’s strength to pilot me:
God’s might to uphold me
God’s wisdom to guide me
God’s eye to look ahead for me
God’s ear to hear me
God’s word to speak for me
God’s hand to defend me
God’s way to lie before me
God’s shield to protect me
God’s host to safeguard me:

against devil’s traps

against attraction of sin

against pull of nature

against all who wish me ill

near and far


and in a crowd