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Ok, so you are probably wondering what a Patch Party is. Well, I suppose it could be lot of things, but in this case the Old Filthy RC Riding Club has been in existence for a while now, and they have decided to become a full fledged Motorcycle Club. So this Patch Party is to celebrate their changing their back patch to show they are now an MC. I hope that’s clear enough. Debbie and i stopped in for a while this afternoon, had a soda, picked up an OF (Old Filthy) koozie, talked with a few people, and of course congratulated Old Filthy on their new status. Lovely weather we had today, not cool, but at least it wasn’t blazing. Oh, and on the way out, someone said we move so fast he could never take “our” picture, so I handed him my camera and as you can see, we really are there 🙂