After the service, Debbie and I headed off on a field trip to visit the log cabin home of a friend’s Great Great Grandfather, located in Rio Vista not far from Glen Rose.  Apparently,  in 1849 Henry Briden was the first “white” settler in the area, and his cabin was maintained locally until 1974, when the State of Texas declared it a historical landmark.  That year, it was moved three miles to it’s current location in Rio Vista.  Today it sits right next to the local Police Station, which was built sometime later. We arrived in Rio Vista without difficulty, and found the cabin pretty easily.  Debbie has sharp eyes for such things. We looked it over and tools a few pictures, and then noticed that it had a pad lock on the door.  We decided to ask at the Police Station to see if they had a key.  As we walked up to the station, a very nice officer asked if she could help us.  We asked bout the key, but she said they didn’t keep it there, that the Mayor had the key.  She gave him a call, and after a shot conversation, He volunteered to come over to let ups in. Wow, talk about great people.  Anyway Mayor Hutchison arrived after a few minutes, and spent about 1/2 an hour with us sharing the history of the building and town.  We had a great time.  After visiting the cabin, we headed over to the cemetery where henry Briden was buried, and took a few pictures there. Definitely a highlight of our trip.