We had our monthly meeting for United Clubs Of Texas (UCOA) today, and this was an important meeting. Today each club received their family information for the Clubs For Kids (CFK) toy and food delivery next month. So, even though it was kind of a wet day, we had pretty much everyone in attendance. Additional funds also came in for CFK, and Bam Bam told us we were doing well financially, and we are planning to help over 60 families this year have a Christmas, that otherwise wouldn’t. Also, wonderful news that Clubs For Kids is now a 501C3. It took a year, but it was finally approved this past week. In spite of the weather, this holiday season is starting out to look wonderful.

Oh, and one more note, Christian Unity is raffling of a 1992 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic that was donated to help provide on-going funding for the HOBO (Helping Our Brother Out) fund that assists Region 1 riders that have had an accident, or are in need of assistance. Most of the clubs should have tickets, or contact Honor Bound Johnny for tickets.