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This was the big event that I missed. A rally on the steps of the Capital in support of all the bikers that have been killed, injured or incarcerated on May 17th in Waco. Fortunately even though I couldn’t attend, there were a couple of hundred riders that did, and several of the local television stations were in attendance as well. I also put out a call for photos this event, and I received a pretty god selection. Special thank you to Janice Walsh, Wes Brown, Rik Sadler, G Stanley Photography and Patty Rodriguez for permission to publish their photos. You will need to click each photo to see a larger version.

First up is the group photo by G Stanley Photography. Very nice!


Photos taken by Janice Walsh.JaniceCapital1 JaniceCapital2 JaniceCapital3 JaniceCapital4 JaniceCapital5 JaniceCapital6 JaniceCapital7 JaniceCapital8 JaniceCapital9 JaniceCapital10 JaniceCapital11 JaniceCapital12 JaniceCapital13

Photos by Patty Rodriguez.PattyRodriguezCapital1


Photo by Rik Sadler.RikSadlerCapital1,jpg

Photos by Wes Brown. Thank you Wes, these tell a good story.WesCapital1 WesCapital2 WesCapital3 WesCapital4 WesCapital5 WesCapital6 WesCapital7 WesCapital8 WesCapital9_WesCapital9a WesCapital10 WesCapital11 WesCapital12 WesCapital13 WesCapital14 WesCapital15