About a year ago I bought the domain PhotoBubba.Com. It has been sitting unused since that time, mostly because I didn’t know how to use it.  I recently discovered that I could have my domain point at my blog, so I decided to do that. The “relatively” simple process has now been completed and PhotoBubba.com is now the new domain for my blog.

The good news is that you can still get to my blog by using tomzimmer.wordpress.com, just like you always have, so you don’t need to change any direct link you already created.

The only actual change you will see in all this is that when you do go to my blog now, it will say photobubba.com in the top line of your web browser instead of tomzimmer.wordpress.com. All in all not a big deal.

I will also be having some new cards made that refer to PhotoBubba.com because it is easier to remember than tomzimmer.wordpress.com.

So, you might be wondering how I happened to pick PhotoBubba.com. Well it just sort of happened one day when I was searching for an interesting domain name, and found that it was available. Am I saying anything about the word Bubba? Not really, it is just something that is easy to remember. You can use, or not use it that is up to you, I am just a guy that loves Jesus, and loves to take pictures and share them with you and all your friends.

May God bless us as we continue to seek His will and follow the path that He has laid out for us.

Tom Zimmer