We still need to acquire a rear light bar for Debbie’s 91 FXRP, So we headed off to Bud’s down on east Cesar Chavez.  We haven’t been there in a while, and it seems they have expanded some.  There is a two story building right next to the shop, with service on the first floor, and parts storage upstairs.  The old office area is still there, so that is where we started.  There tried to be as helpful as they could be, they even had someone run us around to the rear area where extra parts are stored.  Unfortunately, we never were able to find the part we needed.  Oh, well, it was fin wandering around, all except the part where Debbie got bit by mosquitos.  I did however manage to avoid the spiders guarding a little used area of storage.  Anyway, here are a few pics.  We saw a real nice FXR Sturgis (no price on it), and out back we found the “Asleep At The Wheel” bike, looking ready to drive off.