We all know what it means to be graded on a curve, that is being compared to each other. Well, I am sure glad that God doesn’t grade on a curve.  I mean, He loves me whether I make the grade or not. I can be obstinate, pig headed, stubborn, rebellious, even defiant, and He still loves me.  Yes and you too.  Of course He has standards, standards that I often fail to meet. But His love is so amazing that it covers anything I can do that doesn’t come up to His standards.  Wow, what a God! There is in fact only one thing we need to do to take advantage of this unbelievably good deal, and that is so simple, that many people can’t believe that there really is a free lunch.  The only thing we need to do, to partake in this great deal, is to say yes when he comes knocking at our door.  Say yes, I would like to have a relationship with the God of the universe, and yes I haven’t been doing such a good job on my own lately. From that point forward, the responsibility for doing a good job, and coming up to God’s standards falls squarely on God’s shoulders.  You see, he doesn’t want me to work hard for Him, he just wants me listen to the nudges he gives me and respond when He suggests a path of action.  That is why people talk about that still small voice, God doesn’t need or want to yell, He likes to whisper, and then enjoy our response.  A friend of mine said today, that sometimes he just has to tell God that he (my friend) needs to go off on his own for a while.  God’s response is Ok, I will be here waiting for you when you get back. No anger, no shouting, just patience and an eternal love we can hardly understand.