The holiday season is a very busy time  So much so that it is easy to lose site of the real reason for the season. I have noticed that starting after Thanksgiving, many of my friends seemed more stressed than usual.  So much so in fact that tonight, I wanted to give y’all a reminder that I received recently.  The reminder is this;  Why am I here, and who do I belong to?  Yes I know that you know the answer to those questions, but at those moments when I start working myself into a tizzy, I need to remember that I am here for One person alone, Jesus, and that I belong to Him, and to Him alone.  Remembering this little detail helps me so much, I can’t even tell you what a major difference it makes.  We had a special guest speaker last Sunday, and he shared a story about how he thought he was going to go crazy at his day job because his boss kept yelling at him.  That is until he remembered who he belonged to.  After that, he only had one thing to say to his boss when he started yelling.  Jesus.  After a moment, his boss would just walk away. You see, it is impossible to intimidate someone that knows they belong to Jesus.