As Paula pointed out in an email this morning, there have been at least 7 accidents, injuries, or surgeries in the first two weeks of September. That is after what seemed like several months of no more than one accident a month. It’s not like there have been a lot more activities lately, in fact the whole summer has been almost crazy busy, events coming and going sometimes two to a weekend. I guess God is trying to make sure I don’t get bored. Well, it is working. I hardly have time to sit down anymore it seems, but I do trust that God is in control. I feel like I am in the midst of a hurricane, and I’m constantly trying to find the eye of the storm. I find my emotional state moving in and out of peace and distress like a yoyo. I feel like I need to constantly be reminded that I don’t have to handle all this because I can’t, and I don’t have to. God will handle everything, and HE IS HANDLING EVERYTHING! Last week, I was able to visit people in the hospital three or four times, but this week, I couldn’t do that because priorities at work and evening activities prevented me. Fortunately other people picked up the ball, and they went. I didn’t ask them to go, they didn’t even know I couldn’t go, God just took care of the need by prompting them himself. I find that amazing, even though I shouldn’t, He is after all God! Why is it so hard to trust that God will take care of our needs, when we see it all the time? I guess I don’t have an answer, unless I am just too pig headed. Yah! That must be It!