Here are three pictures of Debbie’s 1973 Shovelhead Electroglide “Miracle”. I think the name came because Debbie found a sticker on the front end that said “Expect a Miracle”, so it stuck. Of course we knew that it would actually be a miracle if Debbie actually managed to turn it into a drivable motorcycle.

This first picture shows “Miracle” as we received it (him, her?), basically a basket case, or bike in a box. It was pretty complete, but the motor had a broken jack shaft. I think that is something to do with the cam, down in the bottom end. Anyway, it didn’t look like much to start with.

This second picture shows the frame after she had it powder coated, totally bare. Nice and shiny. in the background you can see some of her other parts that have been powder coated, sitting on the shelf.

The last photo shows one of the rare moments when I got to actually work on Miracle. We are working on installing the oil hoses. As you can see, Miracle has mad a lot of progress since we bought it in January 2004. We are actually pretty close to being able to start the engine. Debbie needs to get the wiring done before we can do that, and then all that is left is painting the sheet metal. And purchasing a few more chromy pieces of course. She is still pondering what color scheme to use, but we already know it will be something simple, no fancy multi-hue color changing paint for Miracle. This is a ’73 FLH rebuild, not a chopper.