Clubs are like family. We all have a desire to be part of a family. Some of us have good families, and some of us have not. Some of us join a club to fill a need to belong to a family, and some of us join clubs to enhance a family we already have. We all want to connect with other people that understand our love of this activity called motorcycling, and clubs are a good way to do that. We get to enjoy common activities, like riding, eating, rallies, riding, eating, riding, and don’t forget our love for camping. There’s nothing like laying in your tent on the ground at a rally, sweating through 90 degree summer nights, or shivering through 35 degree winter nights. Truly an experience not to be forgotten. Then of course there’s the joy of being run off the road by an inattentive driver. yes, being a biker is quite an experience. We are misunderstood, ignored, and sometimes disliked. I think I love it. I know I love it. Well, anyway, here we sit in the dead of a Texas winder, I haven’t been on my bike in two days (I was too lazy to ride yesterday), and the expected high today will only reach 70 degrees. Yes it’s tough being a biker in Texas during the winter, with a riding season that only lasts 11 months and 2 weeks a year. Lets see, if I sit here long enough, I’m sure I can think of a reason not to ride for at least one more day, lets see. It’s too cold, no. It’s too hot, no. It’s so much trouble putting on my (light) jacket, no. It’s too hard to get the bike out of the garage after the winter thaw, nope, haven’t had any snow. I know, I need to take a nap! yah, that’s it. Night Y’all! Enjoy it while you can,

Tom Zimmer V.P.