By the time you get this article, we will have new slate of chapter officer, and since I am writing this before the vote, I don’t know if I am still an officer or not, but I would like to thank everyone for electing me as VP this past few years (I’m running for Chaplin this year against some tough competition), it has been challenging and exciting. The position of VP is not a particularly hard job, I had very little actual assigned duties, mostly I was just needed to fill in for any other officer that couldn’t perform their duties (out of town, or sick, or whatever). It has been quite an adventure though, I needed to be ready on a moments notice to wing-it as required. It has also been a blessing. When I made myself available, God did the work, I just had to show up. That is after all what it is all about, being available, and showing up. I ride my bike to rallys, for lots of reasons, some of them selfish (I like to buy stuff from the vendors), but …, well, now that I think about it, all my reasons are selfish. You see, I also go because of the joy I receive from seeing God work at the rallies, and on the hyways and byways. I truely do get a kick out of seeing miraculous things happen in ordinary situations. Whether it is sharing the gospel, encouraging someone, or working rally registration. When God is in control, exciting things happen. So, if you are having trouble getting motivated to get up and get out there, understand the war for what it is. Acknowledge the truth, God wants you out there so he can use you. Get up and get going, the rewards far exceed cost.