** This post is directed primarily to my friends out there who are lawyers. **

There is this fellow,, his name is Michael Griffith, who is currently serving two sequential life sentences in the Hughes Unit of the Texas Prison System. He was convicted of killing three people about 25 years ago, which he does not dispute. (His is a long story which you can read in his book)

What he does dispute, is that after he was persuaded to sign a plea bargain, the plea bargain he signed was not fulfilled. This resulted in him having to serve his sentences sequentially instead of concurrently. Which also means he will not be eligible for parole until he has served 30 years instead of 15 years. Michael has already served over 25 years and has been attempting to get this corrected for most of those years.

If you are a lawyer, and you are able to see anyway to help Michael in his quest for freedom, please contact me or Michael directly.

Thank you in advance,

Tom Zimmer

His book of course goes into much more detail about all of this, and can be read here;

Michael Griffith -_A Search For Justice

Finally, here is his second letter to me after receiving my Moments books;