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We had a really great time at the joint TMRA2 Freedom Run/Pflugerville Chili Fest event at Hanovers. Debbie and I started out up at the Wag-A-Bag on HWY 29 where we registered the Freedom Run riders. Wes and Woody came up to make sure we had it all under control. We had a relatively small but enthusiastic group of riders that headed to the next dice roll stop out at Dales Essenhaus in Walburg. After completing the ride, the drawing was done at Hanovers, and the winner of the Freedom Run was Najdi Nour. Congratulations Najdi on your new iPad mini. The TMRA2 chili entry (made by  cooks Clem and Mary) even won first place in the judges portion of the chili competition. I was blown away! Pflugerville gave out a wonderful trophy as you will see in the pics. Congratulations Clem and Mary! Special thanks to Marie with assistance from Terri for running the silent auction, it turned out to be very popular. The Door Prize ticket booth was assisted by lots of people, including Ashley, Woody, Wes, OT and Robert. The people bought lots of Door Prize tickets, no doubt encouraged by the display of the antique motorcycles on loan from Steve Kline, Greg Nelson and  John Heckeroth (Thanks guys), and of course the young lady in fish-net that sat on the bike all day selling tickets. At the 5pm drawing, Steve Heracleous of Liberty Hill won the 2003 Anniversary Harley Davidson Sportster. Congratulations Steve! There was also a car show, with lots of restored and custom cars, and we mustn’t forget the chili pepper eating contest. Finally, a big thank you to all of you that came out to support us. We really appreciate y’all.