As we approach the ROT Rally next week, the weather here in Austin is heating up. It is probably going to be very hot, so in preparation for the rally, start drinking more water, and be sure to drink lots of water during the rally too.

In addition to hydrating of course, we need to be, as some would say, “prayed up” which will include asking God for divine appointments. On this prayed up thing, it isn’t really as hard or mystical as it sounds, we just need to be open to Gods leading, and willing to follow that leading when He gives it to us. That certainly sounds simple enough and it is, but my experience is that when we do those things, the enemy kicks it into high gear in an attempt to disrupt Gods plans. So stay alert and be fully aware that any plans we make will face opposition. The good news is that while the enemy may be able to disrupt my plans, God’s plans cannot be disrupted. And while It may seem to us that His plan is being disrupted, we just need to have confidence that He is in control and we just need to keep moving in the direction God leads. Yes, working the ROT Rally is quite an adventure, and I am glad we have some new chapter members to share the experience with. Expect some challenges, some physical discomfort, some emotional turmoil and some spiritual conflict, but even more, expect God to bless you beyond what you can even think or imagine.

See y’all there!