Here is my web gallery of photos from the ROT Motorcycle Rally.

We had a great time again this year, registering thousands of people, and serving gallons and gallons of coffee, lemonade and ice water from our hospitality tents in the hot weather. Yes, is was around 100 degrees everyday, and we had a thunderstorm Thursday evening that crushed the tent. But, with some repair work, and lots of help it was back up in a couple of hours Friday morning, and we were “back on the road”, serving more refreshments and peoples needs. It was hot, hot, hot!


The hospitality tent is first assembled.
Preparations for the big storm.
Thunder storm Thursday evening crushed the tent under the weight of the water.
Janice has a neck pinch, and gets an overly exuberant massage assistant.
The hospitality tent gets rejuvenated, with the assistance of a tube straightener .
Janice discovers a much less painful solution to her pinched nerve.
Lots of fun at registration and at hospitality tent.

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Here are the videos of the Sunday Service out at the ROT Rally, first the music, and then the sermon.


House of Gold, Calling You, I Saw The Light, Me and Jesus We Got Our Own Thing Going, Were you There


Sermon Part 1, Sermon Part 2, Sermon Part 3