Legislative Day – Bikers at the Capital


Today is the day, once every two years when all of us bikers go the the capital to visit out legislators and let them know we are a large unified voting block. One of the statistics we heard was that 80% of biker vote. Not bad for a bunch of independent thinkers. Well, anyway, we all show up and hear from our political leadership about the bill we are advocating, and then we go search (and I do mean search) out our legislators to talk about the bills. This session we are endorsing four bills. Two of them already have numbers, SB 288 – Traffic Filtering, SB 346 – The Dead Red bill. The remaining two are the Anti Profiling bill that is still being worked on, and finally a bill concerning the classification for “AutoCycles”, which are essentially three wheel cars.

After visiting our legislators, we headed to the cafeteria for some well deserved lunch.

I hope you enjoy the photos;

COC&I Legislative Day Preparation at the Roadhouse



We had a good crowd at the Roadhouse today, despite the fact that we had a late venue change. We had bikers from all over Texas, and quite a few visitors that came in from other states to support our legislative efforts. There were lots of good speakers, led by Bone our state commander. It was a great kickoff for our visit to the Capital tomorrow. Speaking of which, we will be meeting at the Roadhouse in Round Rock starting at 8am, and heading to the Capital at 11am (KSU). The Round Rock police will assist us in getting from the Roadhouse to the freeway, then we will be on our own for the drive down IH35 to the Capital. If you are coming tomorrow, please drive safely, and obey all the traffic laws. Oh, and don’t be late!

Bandidos Anniversary Party at Roadhouse in Round Rock


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We attended the Austin Bandidos 47 year anniversary party after church today. It was very well attended, and a very relaxed event. The Roadhouse does have a kitchen and makes great burgers, but since there were so many people, they also brought in Rock Dawgz, a hot dog and burger truck. I had one of Rock Dawgz chili cheese burgers, and it was very good. On our way out we stopped to talk with the local Round Rock police officer that had been sent over to watch over things, and he was very cordial. I wished him a very peaceful afternoon.

Christian Unity Meeting for January at Bill Miller’s BBQ


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We had the Christian Unity meeting this evening at Bill Miller’s BBQ. The food was good as usual, and we had quite a large group. I counted 25 people. I think we consumed almost half the restaurant. Mostly we talked about legislative day coming up. The COC&I meeting is on Sunday the 22nd at 1pm at Bomb Shell’s in Pflugerville. The ride to the Capital is on Monday the 23rd, meeting at Glad Tidings Church between 8am and 10am for donuts and coffee and then ride to the Capital KSU at 11am. Debbie and I are planning to be there around 9am (in the car), and then we will head to the Capital early so we can take pictures of everyone arriving.

We also talked about the HOBO (Help Our Brothers Out) swap meet on February 4th from 10am to 4pm at the Pit Stop in Nolanville, 14595 FM 439, Belton, TX (map)

KSU = Kick Stands Up ready to go!