Bartlett Wanderings

I went for a short walk yesterday, and found an interesting area of Bartlett. As you can see it is pretty industrial, and I don’t recommend entering any of the buildings or climbing on anything, but I was careful and just walked around outside, avoiding nails, screws and all the trip hazards. Anyway here are a couple of shots I took;

Visiting West Point Lodge

Debbie and I joined a group from our church (New Live Baptist) visiting West Point Lodge Senior Living Community for Christmas. We brought music, games and a short message from out pastor Marc on the reason for the season. We all had a great time, and I think all those that attended did too.

UCOA Meeting for February at the Veterans Collective

Last Sunday, Debbie and I drove out to the Veterans Collective after church for the first UCOA meeting of 2022. It was relatively uneventful, except that someone passed out about half way through it, and an ambulance was called in to help. No, no photos of that part. I understand they are ok. So, the rest of the meeting was relatively uneventful, with possibly the most exciting part being that three new clubs joined UCOA, and we welcome them as we all seek to enjoy the experience of riding motorcycles, and working together for the betterment of bikers and riders. Here are a few photos for your enjoyment.