Companeros (Austin) 25th Anniversary Party at 685 Backyard

After church yesterday we headed out to 685 Backyard for the Austin Companeros MC 25th anniversary party. It was well attended, and we got to talk with a bunch of our friends. There were refreshments available of course, along with music and the ever popular Chicken Bingo, performed in Daryl’s custom made and color coordinated Bingo cage. There were three chickens available to perform their uh… duties and lots of chicken feed to keep them…. Well you get the idea. Daryl was good enough to demonstrate how to move a chicken from one place to another. Yes, the chicken has a head, but Daryl has folded it over to his right side. Apparently when you hold a chicken this way and sort of wave it around slowly, the chicken just immediately goes to sleep. Amazing! After a bit Capn showed up. First time we have been blessed to see him in some time, and it was great to see he is doing well. Finally, the next generation biker showed up with a fully attached Binky. The little one was appropriately staring me down, after all they are a biker to be. Enjoy the photos!

Bug Run at CTHD

We have our annual Bub Run today at CTHD. They were very generous and allowed us to setup right in front of the building. The Bug Run is our annual chapter fund raiser for CMAs Run For The Son benefit that raises money to spend the Good News around the world by providing Bibles, Motorcycles, Boats and even pack animals to allow pastors in foreign countries to visit their members. We had a small ride today, but a lot of visitors came around to make donations. We really appreciate all you gave. This year we were also able to provided hot dogs and hamburgers to anyone that wanted one. Apparently there was a bit of a mix up about the hours we would be there, and we apologize for that. We will definitely do better next year. Thank you again for all you do!

Oh, and I would be amiss if I didn’t mention that Debbie donated time on her cell phone so anyone interested could had a look at the status of the Texas vs Oklahoma game that happened during out benefit.

UCOA Meeting for October

We had the UCOA meeting for October at the Veterans Collective, Had a good group of people as usual. We heard about events from several clubs, and Clubs For Kids received donations from a couple of events that happened in the last month. Lots of time to talk with friends and enjoy the relatively mild temperatures.I apologize for being a week late to publish these. Here are a few pics;

Renatus Sweat Hog Rally and COCI Meeting at CTHD

We headed over to CTHD (Central Texas Harley Davidson) for the annual Sweat Hog rally, hosted by Renatus MC. We arrived a couple of minutes late, so the COC&I (Council OF Clubs and Independents ) meeting was already in progress. The COC&I informs and advocates for the rights of motorcyclists everywhere. We are in Region 1, and we are led by our Chairman Gypsy MC “Mini Me”. After the meeting, Debbie and I were able to share the BBQ place, that consisted of pulled pork, and BBQ Chicken with sides of toast and macaroni and cheese. There was more than the two of us could eat, so I doubt anyone went away hungry. Here are a few photos of the event;

UCOA Meeting at the Veterans Collective

We attended the monthly UCOA (United Clubs Of Austin) meeting today to hear about all the latest activities. It has been a very light month, so not a lot of previous events to talk about, but there were several coming up in September and October, Including our very own Bug Run on October 9th ate CTHD (Central Texas Harley Davidson). The meeting was well attended, and the weather was beautiful. We also got to talk to lots of our friends and we were treated to free BBQ of Honor Bound MM. Overall a good meeting. Enjoy the photos;