UCOA Meeting for May at the Veterans Collective

We had our monthly United Clubs of Austin (UCOA) meeting today at the Veteran’s Collective. The weather was truly beautiful and everyone came out. This was especially nice since yesterday it poured cats and dogs on the event down in Buda. Anyway, Bandido Fernando asked if I wouldn’t mind taking a group photo of us, and I was happy to oblige. Now there is a problem with taking a photograph of a large group of people, and as you will see it is tough to get everyone in the shot. So, in addition to the panorama, which has very limited detail, I am also publishing the individual photos that were merged together to create it. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and if you want to make a banner of the whole panorama, I will be happy to provide the full size image which has lots and lots of detail.

UCOA Egg Hunt at Bentwood Texas

It’s a bit late for easter, but we all got together for a party and egg hunt for our kids, out at Bentwood Texas Event Center. As you can see it was well attended, and everyone (especially the kids) had a great time. It was also a pot luck meal, and I can tell you the food was wonderful. Oh, and finally there was arm wrestling for those that felt up to it. Definitely a good time.

NLR Chapter Meeting at Spring Hill Restraunt

We had our monthly New Life Riders chapter meeting tonight at Spring Hill Restraunt. It was a good meeting, and made especially good because Don and Susan Potter were in town visiting and Randy our Area Rep dropped by as well. The food was excellent as usual, We ordered the bowl of Gumbo and poured it over a baked potato and Debbie and I split it between us. After the meeting were blessed to do a couple of bike blessing of members that hadn’t had their bikes blessed this year. Just a couple of photos this evening, of the bike blessings.

Escondidos Crawfish Boil at TimeOut in Liberty Hill

With Debbie out of town visiting her mother, I decided to head over to the Escondidos MC Crawfish Boil out at TimeOut in Liberty Hill. The weather was definitely not ideal, as it sprinkled or rained all the way there (yes I drove the car). I thought about turning around, but hey, I’m a tough biker (in a car), how bad could it be. Fortunately as I got close, the sprinkling faded out and to my surprise there were over a hundred people there. Probably not as big a crowd as they wanted, but at least there was plenty of Crawfish to go around. I walked around, talked to friends and took a few pictures. I hope you enjoy the photos.

COC&I Meeting at TimeOut

Last Saturday Debbie and I headed out to TimeOut Restraunt and Bar for the COC&I Area One meeting. COC&I seeks to protect the rights of Motorcyclists, both independent and clubs. The weather was beautiful, so everyone enjoyed the ride. We ordered the steak nachos for lunch before the meeting and we enjoyed hearing from all our leaders. If you ride a motorcycle,, we need your help and participation in COC&I, to assure our beloved bikes don’t get legislated out of existence. Now is the time!