UCOA Meeting at the Veterans Collective

We attended the monthly UCOA (United Clubs Of Austin) meeting today to hear about all the latest activities. It has been a very light month, so not a lot of previous events to talk about, but there were several coming up in September and October, Including our very own Bug Run on October 9th ate CTHD (Central Texas Harley Davidson). The meeting was well attended, and the weather was beautiful. We also got to talk to lots of our friends and we were treated to free BBQ of Honor Bound MM. Overall a good meeting. Enjoy the photos;

Gypsy’s MC Anniversary Party at the Roadhouse

We went to the Gypsy’s MC anniversary party at the Roadhouse Saturday, for some lunch and to visit with friends. It was also a worthy benefit for the Shaylah Dame Artistic Scholarship Fund. The food was provide by WHA-THE-TRUCK and their was a slip and slide set up for the kids. Of course one of the highlights of the event was the dunk tank, and volun-told members we happy to be cooled off in the process.

Here is a link to a short video of the dunk tank in action.


UCOA Meeting at the Veterans Collective

After church today, we headed over to the Veterans Collective for the August UCOA meeting. The weather was pretty warm today, so everyone attempted to huddle in what shade was available. The sun isn’t too bad when you are riding your bike, because of the wind. But once you stop, it get to quite a burner. Despite this, attendance was good today, with lots of my friends attending. Activity has been light this month, so the meeting didn’t go on for too long. Here are some photos for those of you that couldn’t attend;

Benefit for Los Riders Wolf at the Goal Post in Round Rock

We headed to the Goal Post around lunch time to attend the benefit for Los Rider MC member Wolf. We encountered Wolf as we arrived. Apparently he had an accident a few weeks ago and was still having problems with his back, but fortunately he was able to get around and it was good to see him. We arrived a bit early, so attendance was still light, but we hung around and said hello to a few people and waited for the food serving to start. Today’s plate was BBQ Chicken with all the fixings. It was really good and definitely worth the wait. Here then are a few photos for your viewing pleasure;

CVMA (Highlanders) Birthday Bash at Hometown Watering Hole

Debbie and I went to the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA) party at Hometown Watering Hole in Bertram this afternoon. It was certainly a beautiful day for it, and quite a lot of people came out in support and to have a good time or course. They had food plates, raffles and to top it off a huge Birthday Cake. Here are a few photos in case you didn’t make it.