We went to the Bandidos MC 50th Anniversary party in Granger at the Cotton Country Club Saturday, But before that we had to stop at a couple of other events in our new home town of Bartlett, so we arrived a bit late, around 3pm. By that time, as you can see from the photos, the whole area was packed with motorcycles, including clubs from out of the area, and even one club from California that was visiting to show their respect. As you probably know, we are working to get all motorcycle clubs to work together to protect our rights as Americans and citizens of this wonderful country. We slowly worked out way inside, and the venue was definitely at capacity, and probably then some, if you consider all those still outside. If you can imagine 500 plus bikers having a party, you will have part of the picture. I didn’t see anyone drunk, but there was sure a lot of hugging going on. As we and others moved through the crowd, there was a lot of bumping, but no problems. Everyone was being very respectful. Eventually it came time to raffle off the motorcycle, and when the winning ticket was drawn, I believe the winner was even an independent rider, one of several independents present in the sea of club members. Overall, I think everyone had a great time.