Note: I know it has been a while since I posted anything, but at least for the moment I am back!

We had the annual Bug Run today starting at CTHD (Central Texas Harley Davidson). There was already an event going on, so we were allowed to kind of slip in with the other vendors. The goal of the Bug Run is to raise money for the single CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) annual fund raiser called Run For The Son. the money raised by Run For The Son is used by CMA to support four evangelistic charities around the world. But rather than describing them, here is a link to a PDF that gives you all the details.

This year the Bug Run went off without a hitch. Our chapter planned big, so we were able to provide burgers, hot dogs, chips soda or water and cookies to everyone that came to our booth. And, we did have a lot of people visit and we appreciated all the donations they brought. I think we raised between $500 and $1000 this year, due in no small part to the generous donations from several of the local motorcycle clubs. All donations of any size are appreciated of course. The weather was spectacular, starting off cool and only pushing into the 90s in the afternoon. It was a truly beautiful day. We had the President of the local Companeros MC come by and though he said he wouldn’t be able to actually participate in the run today, he thought they deserved a special mention because of a “run in” they had with a large swarm of I believe it was butterflies. I agreed, and we have a photo below to prove it. The winners this year were part of a group new to me called the Wind Therapy Freedom Riders, or WTFrs for short. I am thinking that might be a play on words, but I’m not saying anything. Ok, so without any further delay, here are the photos, and I hope you enjoy them.