Today MiRaza had their first anniversary party down at Back 9 Bar in Bastrop. I’m batching it, since Debbie is out in California helping her mother, so I drove down after a leisurely morning in Bartlett. I arrived just as things were getting started, but several clubs soon arrived though, despite the cool morning air. The music started to warm things up a bit and the afternoon sun felt really good. I hadn’t brought a jacket, and earlier someone asked me if I was cold. I guess I hadn’t realized I was cold until they mentioned it LOL  Mi Raza were serving pork taco plates with fixins, which I and everyone enjoyed. After a few minutes, I noticed Pastor Frank, President of Honor Bound, and we got to spend a while talking and getting caught up with each others busy lives. Another nice day without the normal baking Texas heat. Enjoy it while it lasts.