OurNew Life Riders had a chapter ride today out to Crossroads Cafe in Swertner.  Turns out they were closed today, so we ended up going to Dale’s Essenhouse in Walburg. As usual I took the car and met them at Crossroads, just in time to follow over to Walburg for lunch. I chose to leave my “big” cameras home, and brought just my cell phone. So, though I have pictures, they are kind of a disappointment, at least those taken on the road. Oh, well, I was driving, so I shouldn’t have been taking pictures anyway right. Fortunately we made it to our destination ok, and I got to have their biscuits and gravy, which I will say, was really good. Lots of crumbled sausage in the gravy, plus two sausage patties besides. other was plenty for lunch, and enough left over for dinner. After we got out food, one of our member (who shall remain nameless) called and wondered where we were as they hade been running a bit late and missed is at Crossroads.  They ended up in Bartlett, to look around ,and I invited them over to the house for some AC and cold water. They accepted, so I met them in Bartlett and led them to the house for talk and cool down. All in all, a pretty good day.