This past weekend, We attended an exciting local event in our town. It was called The Bartlett Project. Several people came together to open some of the historic buildings in Bartlett and convert them into an art showcase for you artists. Another space was converted into an art focused book store, and El Tigre coffee shop was converted into a presentation hall for several panels that discussed the future and present projects intended to revitalize Bartlett. In the evening, the local Liquor store has a whiskey tasting, a tour of Bartlett, led by Jennifer Welch, a Paranormal investigation ozone of the Bartlett building, and then the evening was finished off with an outdoor movie screening on the side wall of The Bluebonnet Cafe. Overall, it was very well attended, with around 100 people in each of the panel discussions. Definitely an exciting and busy day. Here are my photos of some of the events.