Debbie and I headed over to the Veteran’s Collective after church today to the monthly UCOA meeting. We were thankful that it wasn’t raining today, and though it was a bit warm, it wasn’t sweltering. We arrived early enough to walk around and say hello to many of our friends, and to purchase a couple of raffle tickets for a fund raiser to benefit Clubs For Kids (our Christmas charity for needy families). Soon enough the meeting started, and we got to hear from our officers and clubs that had or were having events. There was nothing particularly unusual about this meeting, except for two things. First, it was the shortest meeting we’ve had, at about 20 minutes. Second, after the meeting, someone walked up to me as Debbie and I were standing around talking, and they told me I won first place. I said what? Apparently the raffle was drawn, and I won 1000 rounds of 223 ammunition. Now, I don’t have any guns, let alone one that takes a 223 round, but before you all start calling me to get some, I should let you know that I had them sell it off. So, I don’t have it anymore. It definitely made for an interesting meeting.