My manager and other visitors are in town, and we have been having meetings all week. Along with my normal work of fixing software bugs, this has made my week pretty busy. Overall, I did get a lot done in spite of the meetings, and as a side benefit, they brought in lunch every day which is always nice. So, today is Friday, and all the visitors have left, and I expected that today would slow down a bit to my regular Friday pace, which is usually pretty calm. Who knows, the weather might cooperate, and I might get the bike out of the garage where it has been gathering dust, and go for a ride.

Then, life throws a little surprise at you. Debbie’s 88 year old mother was out walking her dog and got clipped by a car Thursday afternoon. She sustained fractures in her right leg and hip and she is in the hospital recovering. Apparently her injuries aren’t too bad because it seems all she is concerned about is her Dog, Jackie Blue. The dog is fine, no injuries there, but Debbie headed out Friday morning to California for a few weeks to help out. We can certainly use your prayers.

Now, I have no doubt that God is in control, but as perfect as His plan is, and I know it’s perfect, He did allow this to happen. After all, it does say in;

John 16:33 “I have told you these things so you may have peace in Me. In the world you will have much trouble. But take hope! I have power over the world!”

Fortunately, even though there will be troubles, we can still be sure that it will all work out according to God’s plan, because in;

Romans 8:28 it says;“We know that God makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.”

We are now, and always will be held securely in Gods hands, and that is where I want to be, especially when troubles come my way. How about you?