Wells Branch had our annual 4th of July parade today, and as usual it was a doozy! We kind of slept in this morning, and had a leisurely breakfast, then started to watch a movie. A 10 AM sharp, Debbie jumped out of her chair and declared “The Parade Is Starting!”. Pause movie, jump into come clothes, grab a camera, put a fresh battery in it, pile in the car, and drive like a maniac to the end of where the parade will go by so we can see it, find a parking place, find a parking place… Found one! Walk to a nice shady spot and shoot what I am sure you will agree, are some of my best 4th of July pictures ever!! I think everyone had a good time, and Debbie managed to scarf up a few pieces of candy that the kids missed that were thrown from the floats. She is just a big kid you know. Then it’s back home for some lunch. Phew! I’m exhausted! Time for a nap!

Round two is the Fireworks, that starts in a few hours.