After church today, we headed out to the VFW in Leander to attend the Companeros annual BBQ Cookoff. The weather was moderate today, warm enough to be comfortable, but not hot enough to bake us. We arrived a bit late, so I’m not sure how many competitors there were in the cookout, but Debbie and I managed to visit at least five, and get samples while pretending to… I mean while actually taking pictures of BBQ. I noticed one particularly interesting activity, the hatchet throw. The idea is you throw a hatchet and if it lands on a card on the board, you get a prize. Well one of the guys was training his young son in the process. Needless to say the kid loved it. Don’t freak out, he was very careful, and no children, adults or cards were injured in the process. I have include photos of two of the winning cooker, but again, I seem to be a bit slow, so I didn’t get all the winners. Sorry! And finally, Companeros Tilt was setup to shoot portraits, so several people, including Debbie and I had our picture taken. I have seen his work, and he is an excellent Professional Photographer. I can hardly wait to see the results. Tilt said it would be a couple of week.