Today the Bandidos MC held a schools supplies down at the Railhouse in Kyle. Debbie and I stopped at the HEB in Kyle before heading to the Railhouse and picked up some supplies for the kids to donate, athen headed over to the event.  I have been to the Railhouse a couple of times before, but we had always met inside the main building. This was an outside event, and it was in the high 90s, but there is a wonderful covered area that is large enough for most everyone, and there was a nice breeze today that helps keep everything reasonably cool. Of course the fans in the covered area helped a bit too. They were serving steak tacos, and steak nachos, so lunch was great. There was a good crowd,, but we managed to find a place to sit in the shade, and enjoy our lunch while listening to the music.Several people wandered by to say hello, and after we finished lunch we walked around to greet our friends. We had a great time, and I was even blessed to be able to pray with someone. All in all a perfect day.