Debbie and I headed out to CTHD in Round Rock this morning to their Ride a Harley event. We were allowed to serve burgers for donations to our annual Run For The Son fund raiser. CTHD provided all the burgers and the fixings, and we brought our grill and man (woman) power to cook and serve them to everyone. We had a good crowd through out the day, and several of our members got to take rides on the various models of Harleys they were demonstrating. I personally resisted, as I will wait till I sell my Road King before I am going to be ready to buy another bike. I was also privileged to give away four of my books to people I talked to. We really had a great time today, and almost all of our members were able to hang around for the whole day. Special thanks to CTHD for providing everything! Here are a few, well more than a few pictures.