Debbie and I headed out today to a benefit for Guardian Gadget, being held at Cliff’s in Rockdale. After we got turned around a bit we discovered that there is a highway between Bartlett (where we live) and Rockdale (where the event was being held). So all we had to do was pull out of our driveway and turn right on 487, then drive 33 miles and we would arrive within a block of our destination. On arriving we found a parking place and walked a block or so to Cliff’s. We got to have a great time talking with old friends and sampling Cliff’s cuisine, and of course making a small donation toward Gadget’s recovery. As you can see from the photos there was also an auction and live music was being performed for all to enjoy. Oh, and I would be amiss if I didn’t mention that when someone from your club arrives in a truck, and you discover that the water pump has gone out, you can be sure there will be enough tools and muscle power available to replace it on the spot. Finally, we stopped at the Kay Theatre for an obligatory photo of a beautiful building, and of the Texas Historical Landmark sign of course. Another well spent Saturday afternoon. Enjoy the photos!