After church yesterday we headed out to 685 Backyard for the Austin Companeros MC 25th anniversary party. It was well attended, and we got to talk with a bunch of our friends. There were refreshments available of course, along with music and the ever popular Chicken Bingo, performed in Daryl’s custom made and color coordinated Bingo cage. There were three chickens available to perform their uh… duties and lots of chicken feed to keep them…. Well you get the idea. Daryl was good enough to demonstrate how to move a chicken from one place to another. Yes, the chicken has a head, but Daryl has folded it over to his right side. Apparently when you hold a chicken this way and sort of wave it around slowly, the chicken just immediately goes to sleep. Amazing! After a bit Capn showed up. First time we have been blessed to see him in some time, and it was great to see he is doing well. Finally, the next generation biker showed up with a fully attached Binky. The little one was appropriately staring me down, after all they are a biker to be. Enjoy the photos!