If you think of yourself as a biker, whether you still ride or not, you are a member of a group that is a very small segment of society. You are generally an independent thinker, loyal to your brothers, proud of who you are and committed to a lifestyle that many people wouldn’t understand. You probably think of yourself as pretty special, and you are.

Some of us though don’t think we are special. Some us feel like we are just making it through life, and we are only a step away from disaster. Somehow we just aren’t good enough to make it through life. Whether those feelings came from abuse as a child, as an adult, or because we have always just felt that way, those feelings seem to control us and define our life every day.

There is another cross section of our group, who, in addition to being bikers, call themselves christians. Yes, you can be a biker and a christian too, although there are people outside our group that don’t understand that. We love God, we love motorcycles, and we love bikers.

Now, you have all heard it said, by me or some other preacher that only the “good” go to Heaven, and we can never be quite good enough. After all, God is perfect, heaven is glorious, and we are just a bunch of fallible human beings trying to make it from one day to the next.

That is true, because, you can’t work your way into heaven. Fortunately we don’t have to, because our debt has been paid by Jesus Christ in His life, death and ressurection.

The problem is, some of us feel that because we can’t be good enough for Heaven, we are also not good enough to be used by God here. in this life. We think of ourselves as unfit, and when God nudges us to do something, we say “no, I’m not good enough”, and we don’t do it.

Now, that creates a big problem for God (yes, He can solve it). You see, His plan for this world includes using us to accomplish His will. Yes, He can and will use someone else to do what He desires us to do, but by refusing to participate in his plan, we also refuse to receive the blessings He want’s to give us when we just go, speak or do what He asks of us. You see, you are worthy, you are pretty special, and you are part of God’s Plan A.

So, if you ever have thoughts that you aren’t good enough, remember. God gives us a choice, a choice to participate in His plan and to be blessed beyond our understanding, or I can sit around and think about how unworthy I am.

I for one want to use my choice and my will to say Yes to God and His plan. I am good enough because God says I am!

How about you?