Debbie and I attended two activities this weekend, and I want to apologize to the other three event holders for missing their activities. We were out of the Austin area for most of the weekend, returning for the COC&I meeting on sunday afternoon.

Friday, through Sunday morning we attended the 10th annual CMA Chapters Area Campout up at Lake Belton. We had a good group of old timers and new timers. The weather held off till Saturday afternoon, and then driopped a dumbstruck of water on us. Fortunately we were under the pavilion, so all we had to do to stay dry was to move from one side to the other as the thunder showers moved through the area. It made for an exciting evening. This was Don and Susan Potters “final” event to attend before they move to New Mexico, so we also had cake Saturday evening. Before the photos, I have included the videos of the music and sermon for Sunday morning. The last video is the sermon. I hope you enjoy everything.