I was having difficulty this month figuring out what to share with y’all, so I asked Debbie if she had any good ideas. She thought about it for a while and suggested “Look Twice”, this is after all Motorcycle Safety and Awareness month. At first I was a little reluctant to accept her suggestion, because I didn’t see any obvious spiritual connection, but after praying, and searching the bible for references to looking twice, it turns out to be a great idea. So, here is the logic;

We want people to look twice so they will see us on our bikes. Looking once sometimes doesn’t work, because as human beings we are often distracted by all that is going on around us, and sometimes we just zone out the first time we look at something. The simple but effective truth is that if we look twice then we are much more likely to actually see what we are looking at.

Now, here is the Bible connection. There are about a dozen places in the Bible where Jesus, or someone else calls out to someone twice. In context, it seems that the caller is always trying to get the attention of the person being called, so they can communicate something important to them.

I will give you just two short examples from the Bible.
In Luke 10:41, Jesus is teaching, and Martha (Mary’s sister) is preparing food for their guests, and frankly Martha is pretty wound up that Mary isn’t helping her, choosing instead to sit at Jesus’ feet.

Jesus says;

“Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is necessary”

Jesus spoke Martha’s name twice to get her attention and to lift her out of her pity party.

The last reference is from Mark 15:34 where Jesus has been crucified on the Cross and is about to die.

He says;
“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

He already knows the answer, but His statement powerfully proclaims His innocence. He died not for His own sin, but for ours.

Has Jesus called your name twice? Maybe He is trying to get your attention. In 1980, Jesus called my name, and I looked again. He saved my life, how about you?