Well, we just got back from a very cold UCOA (United Clubs Of Austin) meeting down in Buda at Willie’s Joint. Considering the wind and temperature, the meeting was very well attended, and a lot of people even came out on their bikes, which is quite a testimony to their commitment. We appreciate Willie’s Joint for hosting us, and they did provide a couple of very nice fire pits to help warm our frozen hands. Fortunately our Secretary Beth remembered to bring a blanket, so at least she was warm(er). I was personally very pleased that they set up one of those propane powered heat lamps between Beth and I, which made it convenient for Syntax to stand between us warming up his Mohawk haircut. He seems a little concerned that the heat might melt his hair, but I assured him that it was fine. Anyway, we had a good, if cold meeting, and hopefully by now everyone is home in the warmth.