We had a meeting and training session for COC&I, up at Bentwood Texas event center in Georgetown today. The meetings kicked off at about 11am, and ended at about 1pm, then the Medical Benefit for Bandido Lowrider’s Wife started after that.There were taco plates, which I must say were very good, with all the fixings of course. I should remember who catered it, but I don’t remember. Sorry. After lunch, The Dunk Tank started up with Gypsy MiniMe, and then continued with Bandido Dennis. The both did a great job, and I think there were more later, but i didn’t catch those names. The temperatures today were wonderful, in the mid 70s. It was kind of humid, but not bad. Music was provided by a… Uh… Very young band. The good news is they were pretty good. I didn’t get any video, but you will notice in the photos that the lead singer was about 10. No, not 10 feet tall, 10 years old, and very energetic she was. Ok, enough from me, here are some photos and a couple of GIFs from todays event.