This is the first of two events this weekend. We arrived at Bentwood late afternoon, as the festivities were just getting started. This is a family event, so there were a number of children attending. The weather was quite warm, but Praise God we got several short spurts of rain that went through that cooled things off nicely. Amount the entertainment for the evening was a bull ride for the adults and a water slide for the kids. We had some problems with the Bull Ride initially, it would go around, but it wouldn’t buck. Fortunately a couple of Companeros managed to get it going. Seems there was a loose connection. As you can see from the photos, the kids really enjoyed the water slide, and Debbie said one young man said “This is the best day of my whole life”. Pretty high praise coming from a 6-7 year old. Companero Ragu volunteered for his annual Bull Ride, but I think he might have said this was his last. I wouldn’t even let Debbie try it, it looked too dangerous to me. Anyway, there were brisket tacos, a silent auction, live auction, music, and I even saw some dancing. All in all, a pretty great event.