Our second event this weekend, was the School Supply Drive at the Stardust, put on by Calaveras MC. This is an annual event, after all neighborhood kids need school supplies every year. There were BBQ plates for lunch, music by several groups, billiards, and other games available including a silent auction. And, oh yes, there was a big pile of school supplies and backpacks. There was plenty of room for socializing, and we even had a couple of local police officers visit. Debbie and I went out to offer them some BBQ, but unfortunately they had just eaten. They were very cordial though, and I got a photo of Debbie with them, holding her BBQ plate offering. They said they both rode bikes, and they were looking for ideas for further customization. Anyway, they left after a bit, and everyone was cool. It was a very laid back event, just a time for relaxation and fellowship. The perfect end to a Sunday evening. Oh, yes, and Debbie caught me napping 🙂