Note: I apologize for being a couple of days late posting these, I also shot video, and posting the photos just slipped my mind…mind…mind…

This was the weekend when the Companeros have their annual anniversary party and BBQ Cookoff. It also coincided with the COC&I meeting weekend…. Hmm.. I think this happens every year…Ok, anyway Debbie and I went out Saturday for several hours of fellowship, and then Sunday before the COC&I meeting was the BBQ judging, and as it happens, Debbie got to participate in that as a judge. I didn’t get to try all the BBQ, but what I tried was really good. Next up was the COC&I meeting, starting with presentations about our rights if we get stopped by law enforcement and about cell phone and electronic security. They were given by Attorney Millie Thompson and her Technologist husband Eric Thompson. Millie and Eric was very informative, well received. My videos are posted below with the photos. Oh, and Debbie and i received an award for our contribution to COC&I as photographers. Thank you COC&I. Unfortunately I wa embarrassed, so there is only a fleeting picture of me with the award, but I got a good shot of Debbie receiving her award.