This is a two day event, so we went out this afternoon for a relaxing but hot time. Fortunately Bentwood has lots of shade, and fans, and misters, to help keep the heat down. We had a great time socializing, including Debbie participating in the wheel of knives, and me getting to shoot a photo of the custom Doritos chip that just had to be created specially for the occasion. WE hung around till a little after 4pm, then the heat started to get the better of us, and we headed home to the AC. Fear not though, we will be back out tomorrow for the BBQ Cookoff. If you ain’t got nothin to do tomorrow, come on out and enjoy the…. heat… Oh, and a taste of some great BBQ too! This is a competition, so there isn’t a lot of BBQ for the spectators to fill up on, but there is always plenty to get a taste of, and that is free as long as it lasts.