We had a phone meeting of the UCOA officers last evening, as we usually do before the coming UCOA monthly meeting. As we were winding down the discussion topics for the agenda, The question was asked whether anyone had any more topics to discuss. At this point someone piped up and said he wanted me to explain the book of Revelation from the Bible. I was speechless, but Sintax jumped right in and added that he didn’t think he had enough cell phone battery for that. Eventually I managed to respond with; “about Revelations, what I can tell you is it will be vey exciting”. Everyone had a good laugh, and we ended the meeting shortly there after.

All this to say, that as I later thought about our meeting, I decided it would be good idea to take a look at the book of Revelation. That is one of the books I haven’t read in quite a while. I decided to write up a “short” and “encouraging” (well, as encouraging as a book about the end of the world can be), overview. I should also add that this is just an overview, and there is much, much that could be (or has been) written about this account of the end of time. Because there is so much symbolism used, some things are clear, and many things are, well, not.

Finally, before we get into the overview, here is a link to the book of Revelation on Bible Hub; http://biblehub.com/esv/revelation/1.htm in case you want to read more of the details.

So, here it is for your reading enjoyment;

Revelations an Overview

Revelation – was written by John the apostle. That is John as in Mathew, Mark Luke and John, not John the Baptist.

Revelation is the last book of the Bible and gives a description, explanation, and warnings of the events that will happen at the end of time.

It is described as the Revelation of Jesus Christ as revealed to John in a vision.

Chapters 1 contains the introduction.

Chapters 2 and 3 contain the warnings to the seven churches in seven cities to straighten up and fly right, and also contain descriptions of their rewards if they do.

Chapter 4 is a description of Heaven, the throne of God, the crystal sea that spreads out before His throne, and praise God receives from the heavenly host.

Chapter 5 introduces the scroll the describes the events that will happen at the end of time. The scroll is sealed with seven seals, and no-one will be able to open it, until Jesus steps forward as the only one worthy of the task.

Chapter 6 described Jesus opening the first six seals of the scroll, and the events that occur in preparation for opening the seventh seal.

Chapter 7 describes the sealing, setting aside or the saving of 144,000 Jews, 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes. It also describes the sealing, setting aside or the saving of the multitude of Christians who are alive on the earth at this time. the are described as standing before the throne and before Jesus, clothed in white robes.

Chapter 8 begins the description of the events that happen when Jesus opens the seventh seal. There is lightning, thunder, earthquakes and seven angels blow their trumpets in sequence as the world begins to come apart. This continues through chapter 11.

Chapters 12 and 13 describe the destruction of satan’s minions.

Chapters 14 through 16 describe the preservation of the 144,000 jews and why they were saved. It goes on to describe the beginnings of the horrific events on earth as those left behind are harvested, including the seven bowls of Gods Wrath.

Chapters 17 describes the Prostitute and the 7 headed beast. The Prostitute is actually a city that controls much of the world in the last days. I believe the 7 headed beast represents 7 kings under the Prostitutes control.

Chapter 18 describe the final battle of satan as he wars with Jesus and the fall of the city of Babylon. There is some very interesting poetry in this chapter.

Chapter 19 describes the rejoicing in heaven over Jesus’ victory over satan and his host of armies.

Chapter 20 describes the final judgement and the events leading up to it. Satan is locked away for 1000 years before being released for a short time and then finally thrown into the lake of fire forever and ever. The dead are brought back to life and either brought into heaven, or thrown into the lake of fire.

Chapter 21 describes the re-creation of the earth and the new Jerusalem.

Chapter 22 describes life in the new earth. The tree of life provides 12 kinds of fruit and yields a new crop each month. The leaves of the tree of life are useful for healing the nations. There will be no more night, because God will sit on His throne and provide the light forever and ever.

Chapter 22 also contains a final warning and an encouragement that these things will assuredly come to pass, and to be alert to watch for the signs of their coming. It ends with a curse upon anyone that changes anything in this book.