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We headed out to Come and Take It Live this afternoon for the Independence Day Party where Victory Or Death MC was providing a Crawfish Boil lunch to go with the party. The weather started out pretty good, but soon enough, it began to sprinkle and then rain later in the afternoon, but that didn’t hurt the taste of those little Craw thingies with potatoes, sausage, mushrooms and onions to go along. I have to say, watch out for the mushrooms. They just love to absorb the spices from the boil, so they were like little fire crackers exploding in your mouth. Overall, attendance was a little light, but that just meant there was more crawfish to go around.

Note to those that didn’t hear about this event in time to attend: If you keep watch on the UCOTEXAS.ORG <- (Here is a link) web site calendar for UCOA, you will get all the information you need to get where you want to be on time. For me personally, I’m a little like a gold fish, with a 3 second memory, and I still manage to get there, so I’m sure you can too. By the way, there is another Crawfish Boil next week, so LOOK AT THE CALENDAR!!