This is the first toy run of the season, and it starts at Texas Mist, and lands at the Helping Hands Home in Austin. The weather wasn’t perfect this year, but it was close. Things started out overcast, and remained dry until the bikes arrived at the Home, then it decided to drizzle for a few minutes, and then cleared up before everyone was ready to leave. So we really couldn’t have asked for better weather today. Thank you Lord. We estimate that we had around 500 bike today, some people thought there was more, but since we can’t really count them, you will have to make do with that estimate. I do know that it took aver 15 minutes for the bikes to all arrive at the home, from the start of the parade till the last bike came in, so we definitely had a lot of bikes. The video is posted, so I guess if you want you can try to count them. All attendees were provide free tacos, coffee or hot chocolate, donuts and free comparative cups of water. So, a special thank you tool the vendors that helped out today. Enjoy the photos and videos;