Debbie went to the Ladies Brunch with the church ladies, so i went for a ride on Miracle MoneyPit, Debbie’s 73 Shovelhead. We are still trying to get 500 miles on her so we can do the first oil change (She told me we did the first oil change at 50 miles, so I guess second oil change!). After today’s ride, Miracle is up to about 350 miles. I put about 60 miles on this morning, and the first place I stopped was out by the McNeil Post Office, where there was a train just sitting there wishing someone would take it’s picture. I obliged and below you can see the result. Next stop was the postoffice to get a shot in front of this landmark. Then it was off to put the miles on, yes I’m varying the speed. Miracle is getting to be pretty tractable, and hardly backfires at all. Se seems to be pretty comfortable cruising at around 55 mph and I had her up to a little over 65 today. No, Im not going on any major highways yes. She is developing a number of leaks, which I guess is to be expected either because she is getting broken in, or because she is so old. Anyway, after returning home I was ready for a nap. We definitely need to get a windshield, the wind at 65 is wearing me out.