Today was the first day of the Sweat Hog rally, and while it wasn’t absolutely toasty like it was last month, it was still in the 90s. Saturday is usually a little light early on, but we still had great pulled pork plates for lunch, and some excellent music from a couple of live bands, and a great DJ playing some of my favorite rock tunes from the 60s. The kids that came got to enjoy a huge blow-up slide. I think I got a little overheated, cause Debbie tells me I fell asleep in a chair. Fortunately she didn’t think to take my picture, so there is no actual evidence. Later in the afternoon, it started to cool down, so it was a lot more comfortable. Tomorrow will be the BBQ cook-off, with the cooking being done on-site and starting at midnight tonight. It should be pretty exciting! Oh, and finally, on the way home for the evening, we had to stop and take a picture of some local gentlemen out for a horseback ride. Who would have thought it, horses in Texas?