Well, Debbie headed to Cali to visit relatives, so naturally I took her ’74 Shovelhead out for a ride. I had visions of going to Hog Alley up in Georgetown, but as I rode her, my aim dropped a bit (my darn left hand keeps going to sleep), and I headed over to Marty’s house (near the Roadhouse) to show Miracle to him. Marty is a paint and body man, in addition to being a biker and a member of the local BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) chapter. Anyway, Marty created the paint for Miracle, and he did a wonderful job. So, since we hadn’t been to his house to show him the completed work, I thought I would surprise him. I got within a couple of blocks and couldn’t remember where he lived, so I had to call to get the correct address, but soon enough I arrived in his driveway. He was very pleased with the result, and of course I had to take a photo of him sitting on Miracle. Here you go Marty, your new screen saver 🙂