If you are familiar my Facebook postings and the the Tragedy in Waco that happened in May 2015, as you read this you might think this is about Waco. It isn’t.

So, what is it about Tom? Get to the point!

Ok. This story is about someone in a Texas Prison. Woody Weimer allowed me to put an article (about my books) in his newsletter that gets mailed to many prison facilities to prisoners on his mailing list. Since receiving Woody’s newsletter, I have received a bunch of requests for my books. This fellow Michael Griffith sent me a request, and included a page that is essentially an advertisement for a book he has written. Now, to be clear, I have only just begun to read it, but I wanted to publish the information about his book since I thought it might be of interest to some of you that follow my blog and Facebook page. All the details are listed below, including a link that will download it to your web browser. It is a free download.

Here is a link to his book; Michael Griffith – A Search For Justice In Texas : The Truth