Now for something completely different. We went to Burton today for some R&R time, and to look at a couple of cabins as possible retreat spots. It turns out that Burton was having their Cotton Gin Festival today, so we wandered around and enjoyed the various entertainment and food of course. In particular they had a very nice display of power plants from the turn of the century. The were rebuilt and may of them were displayed running. It was really entertaining to watch. I should have taken video but I didn’t, sorry. On the plus side, one of them was running a grain grinder and they were selling bags of ground corn. Of course Debbie had to buy a bag. They also had a nice display of classic cars we enjoyed as well. About the cabins, we weren’t impressed, so i guess we won’t be vacationing in Burton. It was a fun trip though. Oh, we had to stop at But-ee’s of course.

Here is a link to the event: http://www.cottonginmuseum.org/festivals.htm